Get Limber Under The Timber
The folks here at The Licking are happy to welcome Jill Heltman to Thornhill Farm for the Licking River Music Festival. Jill will be pull'n folks together with her Yoga Morning classes the weekend of the festival. So if yer in the mood to get limber under the timber, or just relax around grass, join Jill at the Licking River Music Festival. It's the perfect way to refire each day for some more Pick'n on the Lick'n.
Jill began her practice with yoga in 1998 with videos featuring yogis, Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. Originally just seeking a workout, the numerous benefits of yoga soon began to unfold through her practice. She found that her back and neck stiffness from years of heavy lifting as a caterer dissipated with regular practice, she became stronger, more flexible and better-equipped to handle the stresses of work and school. Wanting to share the gift that yoga has given her with others, she gained her certification in 2007 to teach yoga through It's Yoga in Cincinnati, 200 hours Registered Yoga Teacher Training. The program, while rigorous, has outfitted her with a substantial breadth of knowledge of anatomy, yoga philosophy, asana and originality that she incorporates in all her classes. In 2008 she earned certification to teach Pre and Postnatal yoga through Yogafit. Jill currently teaches yoga flow (vinayasa), yogalates, pilates, hatha yoga, prenatal, ashtanga, yoga boot camp, rocket and power yoga.
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