14114 Kenton Station Rd, Morning View, KY 41063:
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14114 Kenton Station Rd, Morning View, KY 41063: Click for map
The Licking River Music Festival is held at Thornhill Farm in Morning View, Kentucky just south of Cincinnati along a mile stretch of the Licking River.
This pristine location offers plenty of space for the event and event goers.

Thornhill Farm is home to Thornhill lake, horse farm, and drag strip and offers not only a beautiful setting for the festival but also primitive camping and RV Camping opportunities, fishing, swimming, and plenty of on-site parking.

We would like to thank Cousin Gerald for let'n us hang our hat again at Thornhill Farm, this year, for the Licking River Music Festival.
City : Miles to LRMF
City : Miles to LRMF
Cincinnati, OH : 23 miles
Indianapolis, IN : 135 miles
Lexington, KY : 70 miles
Charleston, WV : 156 miles
Dayton, OH : 77 miles
Knoxville, TN : 239 miles
Louisville, KY : 95 miles
Nashville, TN : 270 miles
Columbus, OH : 129 miles
Cleveland, OH : 270 miles
Formerly a landing strip for moonshiners during prohibition, Thornhill Farm is now home to the oldest continuously operating dragstrip in the United States. Thornhill features racing every Saturday night from April through October. (Except for the weekend of the Music Festival). Camping and fishing are also available throughout the season.
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